BiPhasix™ Platform

The Challenge: Overcoming the Dermal Barrier

By design, the skin is a formidable barrier to penetration by external agents. In order to reach their target site within the underlying layers of the skin or beyond the skin to the systemic circulation, topical drugs must first penetrate the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. It is this layer which is considered to be the rate-limiting barrier to drug absorption.

The goal is to have a safe delivery system that does not irritate or damage the skin barrier after repeated usage in patients.

The BiPhasix™ Solution: Altum Proprietary Delivery Platform

Altum is developing its proprietary BiPhasix™ liposomal delivery system which has greatly improved the features of traditional liposomes. In contrast to traditional liposomes that entrap a single, aqueous phase, our system is a complex system where the lipid bilayers entrap both aqueous and oil phases in the form of a stabilized emulsion. BiPhasix™ is constructed with multi-compartmental lipid vesicles.

BiPhasix™ makes it possible to achieve greater formulation versatility than previously attainable with traditional creams, gels or ointments – or even conventional liposomal delivery systems. Thus, BiPhasix™ dermal delivery system combines the advantages of liposomes and micro-emulsions, offering a wider range of formulation options for a variety of drug substances:

  • Water soluble compounds
  • Lipid soluble compounds
  • Proteins
  • Peptides
  • Plasmids

The lead product from the BiPhasix™ platform is AP-001.