About Altum Pharmaceuticals

Formed in 2016, Altum is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Altum’s philosophy is that there are many under-served areas in oncology, especially in pre-cancerous conditions and cancer related complications. Therapeutics developed for these areas often have applications in the same organs but for non-cancer conditions, expanding the market potential for these drugs. Altum’s focus is to develop these innovative products to address under-served conditions with potential to treat broader medical conditions.

Shortly after its formation, Altum acquired the BiPhasix™ platform from Helix Biopharma. The BiPhasix™ technology is a novel encapsulation and delivery platform technology. The technology is a superior vehicle for the application and delivery of large molecular weight drug compounds in topical dosage forms for dermal (into the skin) or mucosal (into the mucosal tissues) applications. Its most advanced product is AP-001, BiPhasix-encapsulated interferon alpha-2b for use in treatment of HPV-cervical dysplasia. AP-001 has completed Phase 2.

In April 2018, Altum acquired Lexi Pharma Inc., a therapeutics company focused on development of treatments for bone related disorders. Lexi’s lead product, AP-002, is an oral gallium-based novel small molecule. AP-002 has US IND approved and ready to start Phase 1-2 trials in cancer-induced bone disorders.